God does not send any fairy tales any more…

There was a time when there were fairy tales and children used to love them, elderly used to tell them, singers used to sing them, and photographers used to create magical pictorial stories on them….

Long time ago, God used to send fairies, the men went crazy after them… God then chose to send fairy tales, people overlooked and chose cocktails over them… Now He only sends tales… today’s tales….. -Waqas Memon

Fairy tales are of no relevance today, there are no stories that can be sung, or remembered, all that is today is an epic and a sad tale of either a war, a blast, a random killing, a targeted killing, a child abused, a woman raped, a child enslaved, a bonded labour, a trafficked girl, pornography, AIDS, HIV, and now, a man eating a man, a muslim eating flesh of a dead muslim.

Fairy Tales are of no relevance in today's world!

I feel pity over myself, what world am I part of, will I also be eaten one day? will I be enslaved, trafficked, blackmailed, target killed, or I will be part of a crowd taken to a hospital on an ambulance because of a deadly blast. What a world am I living in?

Its not about just who is doing this all, or those who are the real culprits, but its also about us who love to hear spicy hot news every evening with a cup of tea fetched by our wives. We love to listen news casters, the anchors, who out of nothing create a big controversies and enjoy their share for ending them. What a shameful state of affairs is it for us, not even a single man with authority wants to work for the good but are busy in collecting their share…

The drumbeats of departures of the great and elderly, those who used to create some sense in the way people chose to live has changed a lot, I wish humanity for the people, I wish tolerance, peace and harmony among the people. I do not blame any media or medium specifically, I blame we people who have chosen to live like this. We love our 14″ 15″ 21″ black boxes lying at top of the trolleys filling in our minds with false, idiotic and hateful information and we love it… Why do we always love to believe in what they want us to believe?


God save our nation!



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