Do not wear Hellmates, wear Heavenmates.

helmet is a form of protective gear worn on the head to protect it from injuries. (wikipedia)

The etymology says, A helmet is literally a ‘little protective hat’. The word was borrowed fromOld French helmet, a diminutive form of helme ‘helmet’. This in turn was acquired by Old French from Germanic *khelmaz (source of Englishhelm (OE)), which goes back ultimately to Indo-European *kel– ‘hide,cover’ (source of a wide range of English words, including apocalypse,cell, cellar, concealhallhelland occult).

I was wondering the helmet is closely spelt and pronounced as “hellmate”, or a mate of the hell. It covers your brain, a living hell, which is full of the curiosity and unimportant things that make your lives a living hell. Yes, our brains are a living hell and they need a hell mate that accompanies it.

Brain full of shit

We have never given it a thought, what we see, and what we believe in is actually what we are made to see, and what we are made to believe in. Our world is but a puppet show controlled by a handful of people owning as much as 60% of the wealth of the world and controlling our brains equally as our societies and economies.

Our brains need heaven mates, and no hell mates will do no good to us. Please do not wear hell mates, rather talk to yourself, bring your brains to the tables, arrange some talks with your brains, understand them, bring them to some conclusions for what they actually want. Try to wash them if they need to be. Try to give them good mates, the heaven mates.

The picture on the right is very much true depiction of our brains. We do not think at all, we only think when things are gone, when thinking yields nothing, when rivers run dry. We should think now, we should think everyday. If you think your brain is suffering from such problems, give yourself some time, relax and change your mind!

A good practice is to talk to yourself everyday, feel your brain is your girlfriend/boyfriend and love it, teach it the good things, know it, and do not rape it, because its yours. No body is going to take it away, so do not rape it.


– Waqas –


2 thoughts on “Do not wear Hellmates, wear Heavenmates.

  1. Regularly make time to de-tech.
    Switch off the phone, laptop, TV.
    Unplug from all the electronic and digital technology.

    Now breathe and relax.
    Tune into your inner space and experience inner peace. Enjoy solitude and refresh your energy.


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