Hearts of Glass, Bodies of Clay

Life is too difficult, without a doubt, but it promises to bring a new day each time you sleep at night. It brings you to life again when you sleep helpless and hopeless. I wonder how many times I have slept with fear of loosing many things I feel are precious in my life, but each day brings a good news, a good story, that I still survive and my precious moments, my precious things are all still with me.

It takes time, sometimes a considerable age you have lived to realize that you are the master of your soul, you are the only gardner of your inner, you are the director, and the producer of each and everything that you do in your life. God knows what you are going to do, but He has given you the choices, He does not choose for you, but gives you this master will to choose for yourself, and yet you sleep each night hopeless.

Hearts are fragile, made up of glass, and we are walking with stones in our hands. We break hearts, we leave people, people leave us, hearts break, bodies remains. We feel that we are the only ones who God does not like, but its just matter of the belief and your thoughts about God. We live because God loves us, and we survive because God likes us. Its not our hearts that are fragile, neither are the moments that make you cry, its just the decision of  letting-go and holding-on that makes us feel our hearts are made up of glass. The moment you believe life has a meaning, every other moment will shine on you, this belief helps shape a fact that life actually has a meaning.

A fragile heart Wallpaper

Budha quotes, “The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart. “

The path of love, is hard, steep, but you have to walk over it. Though it wounds you, but it holds you, though it changes the meaning of your life, but, it gives you another. It may crucify you, but it crowns you too.  (Excerpts from Khalil Gibran’s words on Love)


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