A Letter to the President

Dear Respected Mr. President,

I am a proud citizen of Pakistan, which happens to be our country. In no way you are more important than me, nor do you have more rights over it than any other. Sir, I didn’t realize that I was a human until recently when I left Pakistan, humans look different here, they have rights and they are respected.

I am writing this letter in best of my intentions to let you know that I am fine here, just in case you are worried about me, which I doubt you are not, because you never were when I was in Pakistan. Sir, I do not say that life is better here than it is in Pakistan, not because Pakistan is not a good country, but, because I am from Pakistan and people do not like me anymore. Each time I meet people here, they react like I owe them a lot of money. In fact they are right; their eyes are inquiring and interrogating me for the money that you have begged from them throughout the history.

Sir, I am writing this letter to help you actually, I feel you cannot pay their money back not because of your intensions, but because you do not have that money anymore, or you cannot use that money anymore otherwise it will go public. Sir, I want to help you, and help myself get out of this.

Respected Mr. President, I am 25 years of age, and I have lived those 25 years in Pakistan. I do not know how much money you have borrowed from them in these 25 years, but please send me the figures spent on me. I want to know how much out of that borrowed money has been spent on me.

Sir please send me the report on the money that has been spent on me in 25 years of my life so that I can pay it back to the people you borrowed it from because I have enough courage and willpower to do so. I will work more; I will work sleepless and hard to pay that money back to their real owners because I find myself a punch bag when they tell me my country is corrupt and we owe them money.

I am sure, after I have paid them their money back, they will recognize me as a respectable human. I can also talk to them about you if you want me to; they don’t like you, but they will listen to me.

Dear sir, thank you very much once again for reading this letter.


One thought on “A Letter to the President

  1. The writer , like other millions from sub contenent is already serving their intrests by putting his all efforts / energies / skills & indeed his will power which he learned indigenously just for the sake of better living + $$$ , thus already paid his part ; but on the contrary it would have been much better had he utilized the same here & truly played his part.
    ” Individuals make society /humanity possible ”
    Moreover revolutions / change dont come without sacrifice and it is an evolutionary process. So my conclusion is that , its a highly contradictory piece of critique , conclusivily ,
    Just a lousy brain drain !

    Appology for spellings.


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