Happiness is not an illusion

I meet a lot of people quoting “Life is difficult”, “Life is meaningless”, “Happiness does not exist.”, and stuff like that. I feel sorry about them and at the same time try to take the lead to make them understand,


Happiness does exist, its not an illusion, its your presence in the very moment you are living. If you are not present, you are not living at all. – waqas

The point is, one shouldn’t long for Happiness, because its already there within. Its just the ways that we adopt for living that causes troubles, miseries, breakups, divorces, and etcetera.. Happiness does not come by just wanting, but your very actions bring that out from inside to the outside, its just a matter of making things visible that are buried inside you. It doesn’t take a rocket-science to learn the art of smiling, its all natural, no experience required. You don’t even need to learn it, let me make you remember when you were child, you knew it how to cry and how to smile, because you had less to think about, you were so light at inside that you couldn’t stop being happy.

Another amusing is that people usually look for happiness in wealth or in fame, and most of the parents encourage their children to work their asses of right from the kindergarten, and they keep doing it until their retirement thinking that they will soon retire and live happy then. They  never achieve it really, but then they learn to accept things, and one can not recognize if they are truly happy.

Every object, every being, is a jar full of delight.





3 thoughts on “Happiness is not an illusion

  1. What i have learned is, when we go for things that are beyond our reach, we do not decide forehand before going for those things that there are chances for not achieving that big thing, we even ignore the facts that we can loose what we have at hand. So, i learned that happiness is really everywhere in smallest things that we possibly have. We just need to find it…


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