Blood Donation Drive


We are having Blood Donation drive at our work place today. The donations are largely made here as I remember from the past experience, but I seriously doubt on the apparatus and the skills involved in this. They do not have good lab technicians. The proof of this is Couple of Guys who donated blood last time had their arms swelled that lasted for around 2 weeks, some of them had their skin colour changed to black like some kind of infection from inside for months. These symptoms not  alone, but along with the pain makes it difficult to work, and still people here want to donate blood for the sake of other people who need them.

What I feel is, there is great lack of respect for the donors and certainly for those who receive the blood in the end. After donations are made what happens to the blood, is it given for free? to the needy? is it sold? is it properly checked and purified?

Well I do not know about most of the things but I surely have had 2 experiences with blood banks and specifically Hussaini Blood Bank. I don’t know how my blood is called a donation if it is being sold at too high price compared to other blood banks.

I really feel that this should not be a business, and Government should have it’s own blood banks where blood should be given for free on a doctor’s specifically surgeon’s prescription and that donor’s blood should not be sold. The salaries should be paid with donations received from those who are willing to donate after you having saved their lives. I know these blood banks are essential and they help save a lot of lives, but they are doing great business too.


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