Some characters do not die.



Ever wondered there are characters around us that we grew up with look the same as they looked when we were born? I am not talking about movies off course, characters in movies remain same forever but the people playing those characters do age.

I am speaking about childhood friends that we grew up with, all those Ninetendo and gaming characters. Do you remember Mario, “It’s a-me, Mario.”


This character remains most memorable to most of the people who have grown up playing along with him.

Today is his 32nd birthday, this character appeared 32 years ago on the same day today.

Do you remember How did he look like then?


This game is not Super Mario though, this game is called Donkey Kong released in arcade by Ninetendo in 1981, and it was a super hit, but Mario was much more powerful character to re-appear in another game, he changed the Job soon in 1983, this time in Mario Bros. and then in 1985, Super Mario Bros. I am sure very few of you know about Mario’s brother, and the Princess they were trying to save all the game all the time for ย last 32 years. Do you remember anything?


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