A Mountain’s Echo


Echo is scientifically a reflection of a sound, which reaches your ears delayed then the original and direct sound, because it has to travel and get reflected each time it reaches you.

Everyone of us has experienced this madness of trying Echoing sounds when we are in new places, with only walls around, or mountains around. I am sure you must have tried it, shouting different sounds. I remember lots of movies specifically the so called Love Stories of the neighbouring Bollywood where mountains are hold witness to the love, and the stories still prevail.

It is said that mountains keep secret, maybe this is why the beloveds are more inclined to make them their witnesses. It is said that mountains keep the echoes deep inside. I remember Rumi speak of it,

“A mountain keeps an echo deep inside. That’s how I hold your voice.”


Mountains are ready to echo when you ask them. They are not slaves of your sound, they acknowledge that they have kept your secret. They are the witnesses of your secrets, and your words, they speak back to you when you need them.

Holy Quran, uses Mountains’ echoes and quotes in a verse that mountains are the true secret keepers, and their echo is used as a witness

And We gave David bounty from Us: ‘O you mountains, echo God’s praises with him, and you birds!’ And We softened for him iron.

Holy Quran 

Different translations of same verse, http://www.quranbrowser.com/cgi/bin/get.cgi?searchstring=34:10;38:18-19

This whole world is full of mountains, we humans are mountains, whatever you say, or you do, will come back to you, echoed. A cuckoo’s song of Autumn would not be echoed as sound of pig. Mountains do not lie. If you get sound of a pig back, you made it for sure.

Inspired by Rumi’s writings.

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