What do you ask me of beloveds for they are the soul and the flow of blood in your veins. They are the laughter and the source of inspiration for life. We sleep praying for the Beloved, and we wake up longing for the Beloved. Beloved is spirit that hauls around us, He is with us, yet not with us.


You will have to develop a vision, which can help you to see the one you love. Do not seek guidance from others, because it does not please your beloved. – Shah Abdul Latif Bhitaii

The love that opens your eyes and gives you the vision to see beyond the existence of things, to see in the source of their existence, gives you the patience, and  the wisdom. This love shows you your beloved everywhere and everything you gaze. But in order to see the Beloved, one should avoid all the blemishes that weaken his vision.


This is a house, which has innumerable doors and windows, but wherever I turn my gaze, I can see only my beloved. – Shah Abdul Latif Bhitaii

One how is the beloved of his beloved is the pious. Piety comes with submission, submission of not your body, not your sujoods in mosques, not your prayers in churches, but submission of your Heart to the Beloved. It is a life in total communion with the Almighty. One of the sermons of Nahjul-Balagha speaks about conversation of Hazrat Ali (A.S.) with his companion Hammam. He once asked Imam to explain at length the qualities of a pious person in a very vivid way, and Imam replied “Hammam! Fear God and do good deeds. Remember that God is always a companion of pious and good people! “. This answer didnt satisfy Hammam as he wanted a more vivid picture of the pious man and piety, and insisted upon a more vivid answer to which Imam Ali (A.S.) did this sermon as follows. “When God created mankind He was not in need of their obedience and prayers, neither was He nervous of their disobedience. Because, disobedience or insubordination of men cannot harm Him, similar obedience of obedient people cannot do Him any good. He is beyond the reach of harm and benefit. After creating man He decided for hi the variety of food which his body could absorb and assimilate, and the places which were congenial for him to live and to propagate. Among these human beings excellent are those who are pious and who fear God.” …. read full 


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