A flood that was…

A friend suffered, survived, and added it in his experiences, leaving hope, lesson and legend for me to follow…

Fiddle & the Drum

Time: 1Am

Day: Saturday

Date: August 3, 2013

I was lying on the couch and rambling through my mobile phone. I heard a sound of siren coming off the loud speakers of the mosque in our neighbor. Such a sound always implies an important announcement. And there it went, “It has been learnt that a flood is rushing towards our residential area, so you should all take precautionary steps.” Surprise! Surprise!


I went out of home and saw a group of people talking to each other. I went over one of my neighbor and asked him what really was going on. He told me that news had it that a wave of flood was coming towards our homes. Nobody seemed to believe the news because never before such a thing had happened either in our area and surroundings or in Karachi city. Hardly 15 minutes had passed that I saw…

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