We are terrorists because…..


We Muslims are a most hated nation in the world now even though we are the second largest nation, possible only when all other nations agree to hate us at the same time. Perception is that we are terrorists, and I believe we are terrorists because….

We invented paper first, and then we laid the concept of Hospitals, Universities and Education and literally opened them for the seekers to come and learn.

Maybe because, we gave the world the Universal Astrolabe without which one cant know the position of Sun, Moon, or planets, or to be more elaborate, Time (time, triangulation, horoscopes).

No, we are terrorists surely, because terrorists use devices that were not possible without the inventions and the education that Muslims have given to this world. We gave this world principles of maths, we found algebra and trigonometry, the Arabic numerals.

The book of Healing, no doubt spreads too much hatred that can be thought of. Being father of medicine, and momentum in Physics and aromatherapy the author might have saved those lives which became terrorists later on.

Father of chemistry belongs to us too, the root of all the evil is chemistry for sure. How can one forget about the machines invented by Al-Jazari? Alfraganus crater on the moon, the measurement of diameter is of no exception.

Philosophy, alchemy, medicine, you name it, we have it. The Father of Paediatrics, saving all those children who grow to become real terrorists. Pioneering neurosurgery, ophthalmology makes this scientist laying the foundation of terrorism.

The first anthropologist, the father of Indology, the father of geodesy, and experimental psychology. Who else can control minds than the father of experimental psychology. This should be the real logic.

Optics, father of optics, cameras, movies, cinemas, and what not. He gave the terrorists eyes to see the world differently. He gave them cameras to record their terrorism. Hey put the foundation stone of modern physics, the telescopic astronomy, microscope and the use of optical aids in Renaissance art. He was the one who gave Newton the idea of inertia, hence tried to make terrorists out of Newton.

Maths, cryptanalysis and cryptology, breaking ciphers, frequency analysis method, brings nothing to my mind but terrorism, codes, secret messages. One of us also gave the law of reflection, how lenses bend to focus, and made this world a living hell.

Sufism, philosophy, giving the world the methods of doubt and skepticism, all of these make you a good terrorist too.

I get you now, you burn Iraq because it was the centre of all these golden ages that you cant digest still.

Above all, Holy Quran, which I am sure is read by all those who say “Terrorism is in their book!”. Shame on you the World, we gave you so much, you took it, and you don’t thank us for this even.


One thought on “We are terrorists because…..

  1. you are right…Very well written ! You know the act of very few people who are illiterate and don’t even know what Islam says………Their acts are making the rest of the Muslims suffer ! No doubt it is along with one of the signs of Qayamat…. But it should be stopped !


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