I celebrate life four times a year, and every time I do, I sacrifice. It’s more like a scarification of a bakery product rather than an animal, I will sacrifice a cake today and hope for better year ahead.

The four sacrifices in a year, one for when I was born, second for when my wife came into being, third when she and I chose each other to bond with, which is today, fourth when she bore me this beautiful kid.

Today marks the 4th year of our togetherness, and life is still just not the piece of cake that one should expect. It’s never been about sacrifices, money or how long we live it.

She remains silent usually one day before and on the day of her birthday and of our anniversary, but I know this pattern and her surprise is not a surprise anymore although me bringing cake out of nowhere does surprise her. She expects me to forget it every time but her pattern is the alarm.

For each reason we make this sacrifice every year, we pray and expect next year to be better, but every time we cut a cake, we realize, life is not a piece of cake and its beyond the ideas of right and wrong. We cut our cake at a place that lies beyond the right and wrong, the place beyond the past and the future, and the place that is beyond happiness and sadness……. It’s some place else…. not this world..


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