Spirituality Demands Unlearning

“The process of spritual attainment is through unlearning.”

We all are born remarkably innocent but learned enough to suck our part out when we are hungry, intelligent enough to cry it out what we cannot stand and we remain such and so & attain more curiosity and confidence over the time that leads to knowledge, courage and bravery.

If even a single percent of above statement(s) you feel is false; despite of the false stories you keep telling yourself about you and your life, no matter what life has thrown at you, no matter what you’ve went through or what you’ve faced, no matter the what the opinions and beliefs, no matter how long you’ve been stuck on one thing in life, stopped in working out what you should be doing in the world; understand that you’re still atleast same as you arrived in this world, which you will come to realize soon.

Confidence, Trust, Ability, Bravery, Achievements, Intelligence, Knowledge may seem strange to you at some point in life, that is because you have learned to learn, adapt, and never thought about unlearning something. Because you have learned to trust everyone else but yourself, every idea, thought, project you think about, the first thing you do is think about your failures first, your second options and your way out in case of failures.You do not start working on that project, idea, thought, rather you make yourself busy in something very usual that you have been doing comfortably since very long, but this very idea that you do not adapt or try keeps visiting you and it haunts you for the remainder of your life.

Unlearning is art of letting go, where as learning is not a skill, or an art that we acquire over time, its something natural, we learn from everything around us, just like you learned a lot of things when your brain didn’t know how to reason at all. Learning takes no guts; In fact, everything around us tries head and toe to fixate us with something, some knowledge, make us learned about itself; however unlearning is an orphan, adapted by few, which starts from within, with our efforts and with your struggle to undo something.

As kids, we have passions, we have hobbies that we live for, we dance and sing, we play music and games, we collect and make things. We are made to unlearn these and we are put into someone else’s shoes of different size, we can’t walk in them for a while, we limp, we either find out a way to walk in them or we wait until we grow our feet. This is how our dreams die and we forget about ourselves, and we become someone else that we try to get rid of for the rest of our lives.

Sufi Hazrat Inayat Khan quotes, “The process of spritual attainment is through unlearning.” He further explains that belief is an essential part of religion, but it is not religion, rather a stepping stone which instead of climbing, people hold firm to it and do not progress, and this scenario looks like a river which stops flowing.

Unlearning the learned ideas is waging a war with your own ideas which is only possible and one dares only to do it when (s)he is wiser enough. One must dare to contradict one’s own ideas and beliefs to unlearn, and be empty.


What does your soul look like?

who stole the soul

Fashioned by God of all, Souls’ ultimate purpose in our lives is to seek the absolute truth, seek it’s creator, seek piety and purification, to cleanse the heart and to transform oneself to find God. And then there is Self, the lowest part being clouded by greed, lust, self-centred, egoist part of our being. Lower self leads away from the soul, the truth, and the highest and noblest part of the self brings closer to God. A soul is part of you that is neither you can touch, nor your ego’s should be able to touch. It lives, when you live, it Lives, when you don’t live.

The Soul, of which Bulleh Shah tells you to visit more often as you visit Mosques or say Prayers, for He believes, God dwells in your hearts. My post in the past “Silence – If you can not yet be the tongue of God, be an ear.” speaks very much about talking to yourself, and see what dwells inside you.

what does your soul look like

Soul, what is it’s purpose, what is it’s definition, what is it’s goal? Is it just the job description, and the marriage certificate that you have to follow, and then a few birth certificates that you have to hold accountable for you not being able to understand your soul, or in best case, to understand your soul. Soul is more than just a Job Description, more than a responsibility.

The purpose of soul is not predefined, nor every soul’s purpose is same, the purpose starts from the very first question you ask from your soul, “What’s the purpose of life?”. According to Sufi Hazrat Shah Inayat Khan,  Each soul has its own purpose, but in the end all purposes resolve into one purpose, and it is that purpose which is sought by the mystlc. No matter, what you sought, the right or the wrong, at one point in life, you will come to know a purpose, but the real difference is whether the purpose came walking unto you, or you went seeking for it. Purpose, realization, looking into your soul deep inside comes with self-realization, and seeking. 

Hazrat Shah Inayat further quotes 5 desires that help one in accomplishment of inner purpose, and it is the fulfilment of these 5 desires that makes a soul’s purpose accomplished.

  1. Desire to Live, which brings one closer to the his/her real life.
  2. Desire to Know, which brings knowledge of the purpose of self-being, the creation, the creator, the reality.
  3. Desire for Power, which brings in a touch with the Power of Almighty.
  4. Desire for Peace, when one finds peace in crowds, and when one becomes capable of breaking all barriers between him and peace.
  5. Desire for Happiness, when one finds happiness, independent of everything lies within one’s own heart.

Every soul has a definite task, and the fulfilment of each individual purpose can alone lead man aright; illumination comes to him through the medium of his own talent.

     Bowl of Saki, July 7, by Hazrat Inayat Khan